! New Range Safety Walk Info !


The "beta" safety walks have been started. That means we are testing how to register, testing the final changes, etc.

You will take the walk, we will get your picture prior to the start, and at the end you will receive a new member card for the electronic gate. The walks take about 90 minutes.


Safety Walk Sign Up:

Gate is locked 15 minutes prior to starting 

March 18 Monday at 12:00PM gate opens at 11:00AM and closes at 11:50AM. The range will be closed this day from 11AM to 3PM for the walk.
March 23 Saturday at 9:00AM gate opens at 8:00AM and closes at 8:50AM. The range will be closed this day from 8AM to 12PM for the walk.


Questions: please email: safetywalkrclrc@gmail.com

Reminder..... Gate closes 15 minutes before the event start time, DON'T BE LATE.

If you did not receive a practiscore confirmation for the walk then you are not registered for that walk and should not come.

Only the registered folks can be processed.

Thank you and look for more walks in the future.