6/27/2019 Special Notice Update

The member has been treated and is expected to make a full recovery. It has been reported that the bolt of the firearm blew back and injured the member in the arm and face.

6/26/2019 Special Notice

Important notice.

Attention Members: This afternoon a member was shooting on Range 3 when the handgun he was shooting had a catastrophic failure.

This failure resulted in the member being seriously injured by parts flying from the firearm.

Members in the vicinity called 911, and rendered immediate first aid using the trauma kit on the Range. Members had the gate open for Caledonia Fire & Rescue and Caledonia Police, who responded quickly.

The injured Member was taken initially to Ascension Hospital, then air lifted to Froedert Hospital.

As i receive information I will pass it along. The ranges will remain closed tonight, but will reopen tomorrow (6/27).

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