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Racine County Line Rifle Club Bylaws (established 2016)

2016 RCLRC Bylaws

RCLRC General information

General information - You must be sponsored by someone to join the club. Your sponsor needs to be a current member of the club in good standing.  We allow shooting of all firearms except those with a muzzle energy above 8,000 ftlb of energy. There are special restrictions for full auto machine guns. Our club offers shooting from 25 meters to 600 yards and shooting is allowed every day (except for special repairs and the annual picnic) from 6:00 am until 10:00pm.  We allow steel target shooting and have an approved SOP to be followed.  We have a 100 yard (or less) covered range with lights for shooting if it’s dark before 10:00pm. We expect every member to be the RSO while shooting. We do not have a family membership but you can bring family (spouse or kids) with you every time you shoot. If you want to bring a friend/coworker a few times that would not be a problem but after that we ask that they join the club and put in their hours. We do not allow your key to be given to anyone including family members and this is for safety measures. There are no additional fees for shooting when you come on your own. The only other fees would be for the organized shooting events.

How to Join as a New Member

Joining - We accept new members at all regular BOD meetings. You will need a sponsor to bring you into the club as well as a membership in the NRA. You and your sponsor must both attend the meeting if you are to be accepted. The list of dates can be found on this site. The fees are pro-rated based on the month you join and there is a onetime non-refundable $250.00 initiation fee, $25.00 key fee.  Our renewal is the end of February each year. Applications should be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting you intend to join.

I don’t know anybody at the club, how can I find a sponsor? Check the events section and volunteer your time and get to know some members.  When you work we “bank” the hours until you become a member so you are not working for free.  Please contact the person listed for the event and tell them you are interested in helping with the hope of finding a sponsor and ask what time to arrive, where to meet and what to bring. 

Work Hours - We are a working club and require all new members to volunteer 100 hours of your time to the range doing various tasks as part of their dues within three years, as an associate member you need to work a minimum of 33.3 hours for 3 years to become a full member. Once these hours are completed you become a full member and are not required to help maintain the club. However, we have 80 acres that needs maintenance work and we do ask for everyone’s help to do the work needed.  You can do them faster than 3 years if you want.  Until you have reached your 100 hours you are an associate member and must work one full day at our annual deer sight in

I want to join, but my schedule will not permit me to work the required hours, what are my options? We have many options available for work hours. They can be at the range or  they can be working on accounting, mechanical work, website design, filling, and just about anything else you can do. Let us know what you can do and when you can do it and we can surely find something for you to do. If you truly are unable to work we have a buy-in option for $2500.00 + $25.00 nonrefundable key fee + the pro-rated dues.

If I can’t join, are there any shooting opportunities open to non-members? Please watch our calendar for one of our many public events that might interest you. 

 What constitutes proof of NRA membership? Our club is 100% NRA members. We require NRA membership proof each year when you renew your membership with the club. Acceptable forms for proof of NRA membership are a copy of your NRA membership card, magazine label or a screen print from your home page on the NRA website showing your name, number and expiration date.  Per the club bylaws renewals will not be processed without proof of NRA.  The club is able to sign you up for the NRA with a reduced rate.

Directions to the club-8922 Rifle Range Rd, Racine, WI, this is the last recorded address but it is not updated with GPS. From Milwaukee, it’s easiest to take 32 south to 6 Mile Rd in Racine County, turn left (East). Just under the overpass you will turn left (north) on Michna Dr, follow this road until it curves to the left, the road is then 7 Mile Rd. 7 Mile will dead end at the rail road tracks, turn right (north) and follow this to the end and it will curve to the right. If the gate is open continue forward to the club house or barn. (look for people)


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